New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

“Blessings I am a HBCU graduate of Norfolk State University. I have a B.A. in English/ Theatre Performance and have been involved with education and  human services for over a decade. I want to work for you residents and business owners of Inglewood. We need to create more entrepreneurship, rebuild our high schools, and repave our roads. With over a decade of human service and education experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done for the residents and business owners of Inglewood.”



Housing is undeniably a human right.  I believe in stabilizing rent for all renters, building more affordable housing units, and providing property tax credit and incentives to homeowners. Our current housing crisis can be alleviated with responsible leadership that elevates the voices of those most impacted by the multi-billion dollar development in our community.

Renters make-up 65.3% of the community. More than half of our community should not be held on the hook for the increase of rent and higher property taxes because of incoming developers and investors. In addition to prioritizing tenant rights and tackling the housing crisis, I commit to:

  • rent control on all unincorporated and incorporated properties
  • begin building single family homes and apartment units for low income residents
  • provide property owners with homeowner workshops
  • provide homeowners with fixed property tax rate
  • offer incentives and tax breaks to homeowners


Education is the tool that I’ve used to break generational poverty and  fuel my life-work of service. As a Youth Counselor, I understand the power of mentorship, mental health and increasing access for our community.  I believe a strong partnership with our school district is a non-negotiable – we must work in alignment to support our school district. I will uphold Responsible Community Development values by ensuring new development contracts include, “Community Benefit Agreements”, that will invest millions in:

  • Establish a youth advisory council to inform city government of issues, concerns and vision for their community
  • Financial empowerment, literacy, entrepreneurship and business programs
  • Establish partnerships with tech companies to launch a coding, computing and high-tech programs for young girls and boys and create scholarships
  • Increasing teacher salaries and training/professional development funding
  • Fund mental health services and social workers in K-12
  • Annual College Scholarships and funded college tours for High School students

Crime Prevention

I believe reducing crime requires a community-based, restorative justice framework that ensures the community is at the table, at each step of the way. We must approach crime-reduction by addressing the root of the problem: increasing access to resources, recreational activities and enrichment programs outside of school hours. As opposed to reacting to crime, we must invest in prevention strategies:

  • Youth after school enrichment programs
  • Installing new, modernized street lights
  • Free programs for both youth and their families at our parks
  • Summer prevention program at the park to build relationships and trust with law enforcement
  • Increasing school safety via a new school task force led by parents and students

Community Engagement

Our democracy was founded on free speech, dialogue and progressive thinking. Our city government functions with a top-down strategy, decisions coming from the top. I am a public servant and believe a city should be run by the people, for the people: from the working class, immigrants, first-generation homeowners, college graduates to seniors who’ve called Inglewood home for over 50 years.  “Through transparency trust is built”:

  • Change city Council meetings to after work hours to include more community members
  • Create monthly district-only listening sessions
  • Technology is key to increasing community engagement! I want to create and launch a city-wide app for constituents to share concerns, happenings, neighborhood-news, in real-time.
  • Allow public comments after agenda discussions
  • Hire district-only Field Representatives to serve as liaisons to electeds, organize events and create access to decision-making
  • Ensure community listening sessions and focus groups take place BEFORE making decisions that will impact the entire community. Transparency is a non-negotiable.

Business Development

I believe in the importance of small businesses. It is my understanding that small businesses keep the city functioning when large corporations and investors turn away. Small businesses have continued to exemplify the heartbeat of our city and country.

  • Establish strong zoning and building policies that protect long-standing small businesses
  • Work with businesses to establish a Business Improvement District
  • City equity loans for struggling small businesses

Economic Empowerment

I believe in providing our residents with opportunities to become entrepreneurs, providing workforce training and placement for higher paying jobs, and ensuring jobs from developments prioritize our community members. As such, I commit to:

  • Ensuring contracts with developers include a strategic plan on recruiting, training and placing local residents in jobs.
  • Launch a District Navigator program, to identify and recruit community members for local jobs and resources
  • Establish new entrepreneurship workshops and programs
  • Provide free professional development and financial empowerment workshops in schools, libraries, community centers and our parks


When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money. Our environment has played a major factor in our current day health issues.  Making Inglewood a greener city allows for our children to have a brighter future and residents increase in wellness.

  • Tax incentives and breaks for property owners who transition into full renewable energy
  • Greener city campus
  • Invest in properly assessing the environmental risks of developments
  • Creating new bike lanes and bike passages (alternative routes away from main street traffic)
  • provide homeowner tax credit on vehicle charging stations


Potholes and crack streets can cause vehicle damage if continuously driven over time. Uneven and rising sidewalks can also increase the probable rate of someone falling and becoming injured and suing the city. Our street and sidewalk issues could be rectified by simple active assessment and maintenance.

  • Neighborhood beautification projects
  • Street clean ups
  • Weekly street cleaning
  • Art and murals that illustrate the resilience and history of the community