“Blessings I am a HBCU graduate of Norfolk State University. I have a B.A. in English/ Theatre Performance and have been involved with education and  human services for over a decade. I want to work for you residents and business owners of Inglewood. We need to create more entrepreneurship, rebuild our high schools, and repave our roads. With over a decade of human service and education experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done for the residents and business owners of Inglewood.”

What sets Karen apart…

Karen is vested beyond this campaign! Karen lives, works, shops, owns a home, and has raised her children right here in District 7. Her children have all attended and are graduates of the Prince George’s County Public School System. Additionally, all four of Karen’s grandchildren currently attend Prince George’s County Public Schools. Karen can relate to most of the issues and frustrations in District 7, because she experiences them first hand. As a resident and civic president, with no monetary incentives, Karen has written over 200 letters to the county regarding excessive debris crime, public safety, and lack of services. She have successfully landed meetings with county officials to discuss solutions to know issues and attended over 100 community events and forums. Imagine what she can accomplish if elected!

Maintaining an active presence is a priority for Karen because it allows her to hear and understand what is going on in and around our communities. Karen believes that “awareness is essential; to fix the problems in our communities you must first familiarize yourself with what the issues are.”   As District 7’s next representative on the Prince George’s County Council, she will make sure the people are empowered and that she conveys their concerns effectively. She is honest, has integrity, and lacks self-serving motives. She prides herself on being transparent with her constituents and wants to continue with her commitment to serve. Therefore, Karen Anderson is the perfect candidate to represent the people of District 7 as their next Council Member for Prince George’s County!  Read More

Karen will advocate for :