Meet the Candidate

Dear Friends and Neighbors,


My name is Karen Anderson and I am a candidate for County Council, District 7. I live, work, shop, own a home, and have raised my children right here in District 7.  My children have all attended and are graduates of the Prince George’s County Public School System. Additionally, all four of my grandchildren, currently attend Prince George’s County Public Schools.   I can relate to most of the issues and frustrations of District 7 residents because I have experienced them first hand.  As a resident and civic president, with no monetary incentives, I have written over 200 letters to the county regarding excessive debris crime, public safety, and lack of services. I have successfully landed meetings with county officials to discuss solutions to know issues and attended over 100 community events and forums.  I am vested beyond this campaign!  I respectfully ask for your support and your vote.

Karen Anderson – Candidate for County Council District 7

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Karen Anderson For County Council District 7

Authority – Friends of Karen Anderson, Desiree G. Smith, Treasurer